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Tendinitis Physiotherapy treatment

Tendon is a thick collagen fibrous connective tissue between your bone & muscles ,tendon transmit mechanical force of muscles contraction to the bones.

physiotherapy treatment for tendonitis

When there is overuse of muscles or overload over muscles irritate & inflamed tendon and this condition is called as tendinitis ( tondonitis)

Some time twisting injury or sports injury can tear the tendon as well.

Due to tendon injury or inflammation ,pain aggrivate with mild swelling over the affected area and increase temperature over the injured tendon.

Some common tendon injury’s are :-

  • Tennis elbow ( pain at outer elbow joint)
  • Golfer’s elbow ( inner side elbow pain)
  • Jumper’s knee ( below the kneecap also called as pattela tendonitis)
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis ( over the shoulder area , sometimes referral pain to the forearm ,mostly injured during sports game & gym workout.)
  • Achilles tendonitis ( pain at the heel tendon , mostly injured due to high heal & wrong shoes wear.)

Physiotherapy treatment of tendonitis.

In the acute injury of tendon ,ice formantation is recommended.if you don’t get relief with ice packs then your doctor suggest you the physiotherapy treatment for you injured tendon.

Physiotherapy will help you to decreasing swelling and promote healing to the injured tendon and manage the other symptoms of tendonitis.

Physiotherapy works to :-

  • Decrease pain & swelling
  • Improve range of joint
  • Maintain strength of affected joints.
  • Pormate healing over the injured tissue.

At physiopoint jaipur we find the root causes of your tendon pain & Swelling and makes a treatment protocol for your injured limb.

Physiotherapy Treatment options of tendonitis:-

  • Immobilization of affected joint.
  • Use of cryotherapy in acute injury.
  • Laser for pain relief & healing
  • Ultra sound for tissue massage.
  • Joint mobilization.
  • Ergonomic advice
  • Physiotherapy exercises after degreasing in pain & swelling to strengthen the muscles.

Physiopoint clinic provide best physiotherapy treatment for tendonitis .

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