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Physiotherapy in Vidhyadhar Nagar

Are you suffering from lower back ,knee pain,cervical pain or other muscular and joint problem, then physiotherapy is the best treatment for you.avoid taking too much painkiller medicine for your pain visit the Physiopoint physiotherapy clinic in vidhyadhar Nagar and role out the cause of your pain, and treat your pain without any medicine, Physiopoint physiotherapy clinic in vidhyadhar Nagar have advance American laser treatment for all types of muscular and joint pain.knee pain physiotherapy in vidhyadhar nagar

The Physiopoint clinic is headed by Dr.Sunil tank, he is specialized in sports injury, and certified in sports medicine form SMS.

He is having good experience in treating spine cases like ( spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, slip disc, disc bulging ).

Why Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy helps the patient to restore his movement and function to live his quality of life. Physiotherapy works to treat pain, stiffness, dysfunction, disability, with the science-based method.physiotherapist has exercises based treatment protocol for all muscular and joint problems.spine physiotherapy in jaipur

Physiotherapist treat several types of conditions:-

  • Musculoskeletal conditions ( back pain, knee pain, arthritis, sports injuries, post fracture complication)
  • Neurological conditions ( Stroke, Parkinsons, neuritis )

When the physiotherapist diagnosed the problem of the patient, then the physiotherapist will use different techniques for your problem.

  • Electrotherapy ( LASER, ULTRASOUND,TENS, SWD, TRACTION etc.)
  • Manual therapy ( Manipulation & mobilization, massage, Chiropractic )
  • Therapeutic Exercise.

Laser treatment in vidhyadhar Nagar.

LASER ( Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation)

Laser therapy treatment is no invasive treatment in which specific intense beam light reduces the pain and helps to restore movement. Physiopoint physiotherapy clinic in vidhyadhar Nagar is having Imported advance American laser treatment for quick pain relief.T his advanced laser treats the pain and swelling with the specific light wavelength to repair cells and muscles.

Laser therapy treatment is becoming  famous day by day because of its instant result:

Why laser therapy is better than other physiotherapy modalities;-

  • Save therapy time.
  • Treating all types of pain include muscles and joints.
  • Increase circulation to clear the damaged cells.
  • No side effects.

Effect of Laser therapy in the body:-

  • Laser beam light stimulates ATP production in the body which helps in reduced inflammation and edema.
  • The ATP production also helps in cell proliferation which increases collagen, cartilage and bone regeneration with further helps in tissue & nerve healing.
  • The laser has tremendous result in reduced pain. a laser works on pain blocking mechanism it enhances the production of pain-killing chemicals like endorphins and enkephalins.
  • Increase blood circulation and vasodilatation.

Indication/ benefits of LASER therapy treatment:-

  • Reduced acute and chronic pain.
  • Increase the strength of tissue repair.
  • Increase blood circulation.
  • Promote wound healing.
  • Reduces inflammation.

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