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Physiotherapy For Lower Back Pain in Jaipur

lower back pain & physiotherapy treatment

Many people’s are experience back pain in their life span, they take many medications and other home remedies to cure back pain, but due to sedentary lifestyle or disturb muscles strength or you can say weak muscles of lower back develops back pain during work or in long sitting

Physiotherapy For Lower Back Pain in Jaipur

Back pain is also called as mechanical pain back when it develop due to work stress.

Causes of lower back pain

  1. Disc bulging
  2. Disc herniation (PIVD)
  3. Muscle strain
  4. Lordosis
  5. Anterior pelvic tilt
  6. Weak lower back muscles
  7. Joint inflammation
  8. Postural imbalance

Symptoms of lower back pain

  1. Continues dull aching pain at lower back area.
  2. Pain travel to one & both lower limb on standing.
  3. Morning stiffness.
  4. Unable to do forward bending.
  5. Pain in buttocks & thigh muscles.

Physiotherapy for lower back Pain

Physiotherapy treatment is most recommended for the lower back pain to strengthen the lower back muscles or give relaxation to the tense muscles.

At physiopoint jaipur we find out the core causes of lower back pain with are special physical test, then we design a protocol for your back pain problem.

In which joint mobilization, manipulation, dry needing , cupping therapy, & Laser treatment are used relief the pain & Swelling. After that we work on posture bio mechanics to correct your disturb posture to avoid further mechanical pain during work.

We are also provided home service for your lower back pain with all required modality and experience physiotherapist in Jaipur . You can contact to us on given number

Exercises for lower back

  1. Knee to chest
  2. Pelvic roll exercises
  3. Bridging exercises
  4. Core muscles strength exercises
  5. Hamstring stretching
  6. Fascia release exercise

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