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Fibromyalgia is a common condition of complex chronic pain which causes widespread pain tenderness to touch which may migrate over the body. It is a pain in the ligaments, muscles and tendons. But it is beyond pain and exists with much more symptoms that vary from human to human.

Fibromyalgia is a kind of pain which causes pain in over all body. The patient can feel some painful trigger points on body which hurts and medication proves to be ineffective. It seems unending kind of pain. Fibromyalgia affects people not only physically, but mentally and socially too.


Fibromyalgia can often occurs in people of all ages, along with children too. It is estimated to affect 2 to 8% of the population. Also, the ratio of women is much more than men. It has been observed that women affected about 7 to 9 times more often males.

Fibromyalgia is a condition which is characterized by heightened and painful response to pressure, feeling tired, sleep problems, joint stiffness, chronic widespread pain. numbness, cognitive dysfunction, tingling. Also it is frequently associated with anxiety, posttraumatic, stress disorder and depression.


There are various common symptoms and signs which include  deep muscle pain, morning stiffness and painful tender points. Some major signs of fibromyalgia include fatigue, anxiety and sleep problems. So in order to treat your symptoms and signs, an accurate diagnosis your doctor will need to review.

  • Pain may become obstacle in daily activities for females like cleaning, washing etc.
  • Some tender points may occur around the body such as back of the head, front of the neck, outside of the elbows, inside of the knees, top of the chest, etc.
  • Sleep becomes very hard due to restless legs syndrome and it worsens the pain.
  • Due to lack of sleep patient may also complain about “Fibro Fog”. It means trouble in remembering and concentrating, getting confused, etc.
  • Some people may also complain about a throbbing type of headache.
  • Women may feel painful and uncomfortable periods.
  • Sexual intercourse may also become painful.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome may also occur in women.
  • A crawly and creepy feeling in legs in their legs that wakes them from sleep
  • Temperature sensitivity is also seen in some women.
  • Patient may observe an increase in weight.


There is no such clear consensus about what causes fibromyalgia. Also there are several theories about the causes of fibromyalgia. So finally, many researchers believe that fibromyalgia is not a disease occurs by itself, it is a combination of many physical and emotional stressors:

  • Fibromyalgia can be genetic disease. It tends to run in families. Certain genetic mutations which can make you more susceptible to develop disorder.
  • Due to any post traumatic stress disorder, any stressful physical or emotional event can cause fibromyalgia.
  • Many people experience insomniac which is not refreshing. A lower back pain threshold in women due to sleeplessness may often cause fibromyalgia.
  • Due to repetitive injuries by performing the same action over and over again, patient may lead to fibromyalgia.
  • Due to any serious car accidents.
  • If patient is suffering from any illness or infection it can cause fibromyalgia.


  • It is diagnosed by using pain and tenderness at 18 certain tender points or trigger points.
  • History of the pain such as duration of the pain, parts suffering from pain, etc. is to be answered by patient.
  • Other tests also includes sleep studies and psychological exams are also undertaken.
  • BLOOD TEST:- A blood test is carried out to identify markers produced by immune system blood cells in people along with fibromyalgia.


There are some home treatment or can self care remedies to manage fibromyalgia:

  • One should reduce stress level or limit emotional stress and overexertion. Take some time for yourself daily to relax your mind.
  • One can also go for stress management techniques, like deep breathing exercise or meditation.
  • Fatigue is one of the main reason for fibromyalgia, so it is necessary to take sufficient sleep.
  • If the patient is suffering from overweight, then he should firstly reduce the weight.


Physiotherapy treatment can help in reducing fibromyalgia pain and stiffness. It increases your positive vibes by way of conversation with doctor. So there are certain physiotherapy treatment provided by doctors given below:-

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Weight lifting
  • Isometric chest press
  • Isometric shoulder extension
  • Trapezius stretch
  • Cervical muscles stretch
  • PAINKILLERS:– Painkillers such as NSAID are helpful to reduce pain temporary.
  • MEDICATION:- Medicines such as Tricyclic antidepressants, serotonin noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors, etc can be taken to reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia such as depressed mood, sleep disturbances, pain and fatigue.



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