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Avascular necrosis

Consumption of alcohol is always a big issue for your health, while occasionally drinking won’t affect that much. but taking heavy alcohol or dependency on alcohol can damage your hip joints.

avascular necrosis

Yes, excessive alcohol intake can cause AVN ( Avascular necrosis), bone necrosis cases are rapidly increased nowadays and many research show’s that if a person is taking too much alcohol or dependency on alcohol has more prone to the Bone necrosis disease.

What is avascular necrosis?

Avascular necrosis is diseases that damage the bone density by affecting the blood supply of the is also knows as osteonecrosis or death of bone tissue.
Avascular necrosis is not just because of alcohol, the person who is on high steroid doses, recurrent joint dislocation, old trauma can also cause necrosis of bone.

The hip joint is most commonly affected in our body, because of overloaded joint with minimal mobility.

Sign and Symptoms of Avascular necrosis

Many people don’t have any symptoms in the early stages of avascular necrosis but continues Overload to the joint start showings symptom’s, hip joint are more affected compared to another joint. Hip joint showing major symptoms of bone necrosis.

• Throbbing pain at hip joint
• Radiating pain till knee joint
• Groin pain
• Limping walking.
• Pain increase on walking & lying position.
• Unable to lift the leg ( late stage)
• Weak muscles of hip joint
• Clicking sound at joints during movement.

Causes of avascular necrosis

• Joint dislocation ( injury over the joint or dislocation can sometimes damage the surrounding blood vessels.)
• Fatty deposits in blood vessels ( persons who are consuming heavy alcohol or taking too many steroids )
• Radiation & chemotherapy
• Sickle cell disease
• Hiv infection
Gaucher’s disease

Stages of hip joint necrosis

stages of avascualr necrosis

Stage 1 – X-ray and CT-scan are normal, MRI histology are abnormal, symptoms may not be present.
Stage 2 – X-ray shows linear sclerosis or cysts or reduces space of joint, symptoms start showing.
Stage 3 – Mechanically fail femoral head with trabecular collapse.crescent sign in frog lateral view.
Stage 4– flatting or collapse of the femoral head is present.irregular joint space.
Stage 5 – narrowing of the joint space, osteoarthritis of the acetabulum with osteophytes.
Stage 6 – extensive damage of femoral head and joints.

Physiotherapy treatment for avascular necrosis ( AVN)

Physiotherapy is always helpful in the condition of pain and limitations. In vascular necrosis physiotherapy help to slow down the disease progression and also helpful in pain relief and increase the range of joints. In the early stages of avascular necrosis doctor’s suggest physiotherapy treatment of avascular necrosis.

Goals of physiotherapy in avascular necrosis.

• Decrease pain & stiffness
• Improve joint range of motion
• Mention or build Muscles strength
• Prevention of diseases
• Improvement of functionality.

At physio point Jaipur we focus on exercise to maintain joint strength and joint mobility for surrounding muscles of affected joints.

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